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Echofon Pro and Push Notifications

I was mostly ready to go to Echofon web site to complain about the lack of push notifications when I noticed I had to go to the account settings INSIDE echofon, and activate it there.

Now just have to way for a reply/dm to see if it works.

My current experience with Push notifications on the iPhone is a bit mixed. I know I’m not receiving alot of the pushed messages I should. I have no idea if there is a statistic but I guess some >50% of notifications are being lost. What is your felling?

iPhone to thunderbird+lightning

Apple should add thunderbird+lightning support to at least iTunes on Windows. Not every windows user has Outlook installed.

Right now almost all options to do this include some extra softwares (jailbroken iPhone) or thunderbird plugins and Google accounts. And I may not want my data in Google.
If you do not mind having data in Google read on. Right now I just want to sync Calendar events.

As I need to have data synced I’ll post my findings were. So stay tunned.
[UPDATE 2009-02-10]
All this syncing is dangerous. The iPhone will delete all contacts and/or calendar events on the phone when adding a external sync.

Two solutions so far for Contacts and Calendar:

1- Get your company to install Exchange or one of the Free Software alternatives. And then just add the account on the iPhone and search for info on how to get Lightning to get the data from there.

[New Update 2009-02-15 15:17] There is no need to use the Nuevasync Service
2- This is the one I use. It involves having a Google Calendar account and Sync the iPhone and Lightning there. In the iPhone follow the instructions in the Google Mobile Sync page. To have Lightning use the calendar just add a new Calendar of type CalDAV and in the url put: .

There is no “Sync now” and events will be propagated auto-magically. In my case if I have calendar open on the iPhone and add events in Lightning they propagate in 3 to 5 seconds.

Back to the stone age OR how did the Iphone change my life

In 1995 I was offered a 386SX machine. It was my first PC after spending my youth with a Atari ST (FM and e). I got this machine that was already outdated but I wanted to try the PC wagon. I tried PC-DOS 7 and Windows 3.1. And it sucked!!! In my Atari I would have my DTP application running some 30 seconds after turning it on. In the PC it took some 5 minutes from the power on to a windows screen. And some more 2 minutes to start Microsoft Word.
I could handle all that but I could not handle the crashes.

So i did “the switch”…. To Linux 🙂

For years and years I talked people into using Linux. First on servers, then on Workstations. And when things were starting to get bright there came “the light” for the unix world. And the Light was Mac OS X. The first versions had some strange quirks but worked very well, and people started saying:
“Unix for the masses!”

At about the same time Apple introduced the iPod music player, and the cool looking PowerBook G4 and from this time on the future of Apple changed from down the hill to up up the hill.[1]

Apple is cool.

Is the message that lingers in the back of our minds.

Until the iPhone. The thing is just darn stupid. For years we wanted a mobile phone that had a decent OS that we could master. Mr Jobs now wants us to believe that it is the iPhone. Want an API? Use the browser!

Sorry but “Use the browser” is just plain idiot. My spreadsheet is going to be on Google Docs? Sorry people but the iPhone may be fast, but JavaScript will eat your memory. And the Phone Bill will have you take a second mortgage on the house.

I went to Optimus (my GSM provider) and asked how could I connect to the network with 3.5G and not buying a dedicated card. They told me I would have to buy one of two phones that were 3.5g (so far so good), but the data Rates were 0.0025€ for 1kbyte. Charged a chunks of 10kbytes. That means one megabyte will be: 2,5€ !!!!!!
With the amount of images that are in they’re site …… You” end up spending…………. 1.80€!!!!!!!


If I buy a new phone. I’ll go for the OpenMoko Neo 1973.

Ooooo And if you say to me: Prices will drop! You’ll have to present me a cool alternative to any of the programs that the iPhone has running native, but know running inside the browser.

[1]OS X Desktop Version – March 2001
iPod – October 2001
PowerBook G4 – January 2001