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A Wiki for Gentoo

A long long time ago I voiced about the need for a wiki in the Gentoo project. In those days Gentoo-Wiki was starting up.
For some reason or other people inside the project felt that having the users producing documentation was a bad idea. For some other reasons that I never understood the becamed a banned issue, and Gentoo developers were advised not to mention, and not to link to him. I wrote an extensive article about Gentoo on the Efika board that got some raised eyebrows because it was written on the Wiki.

Now Gentoo Wiki has been down for a few days. And according to the backup page it does not seem a fix is going to happen soon.

If we had taken this project under an umbrella a long time ago our users would not be missing on this very important resource.

Old computers.

Old computers never die….. They just get so darn slow that we pause staring at the screen and feel our beard grow while they end the task at hand.

Some friends used to complain that Gentoo would take for ever to build something. Considering I installed a Gentoo machine every year and left it overnight building the system I thought they were wrong. But now I’m not so shure. I’m building alot of packages, and rebuilding alot for my internship project, and I’m using old old machines. And they are so slow!!!! 🙁
I must say that my “build mule” is a AMD Duron(tm) processor clocked at 800Mhz …. Good think I follow solar’s advices and use binpackages ….. To build glibc five times a day would be no fun….. no fun at all.

Wildfire 3.2.0

Today wildfire 3.2.0 got released and you can read the official announce here. But is my opinion that this is a premature release. If not lets see, in december 17 to manage SSL certificates under wildfire is considered a problem. They even comment on the fact that Jabber Software Foundation (JSF) has become a Intermediate Certification Authority and that this will increase the number of servers and users using SSL in the Jabber network. And what happens in the 3.2.0 RC2 release: SSL is partially broken when using JSF certificates. The fix seems to be….. to remove the certificates and use self signed ones.

Proper use of SSL/TLS with good certificates needs to be standard in the XMPP Federation network. This is why this step in releasing the final version of wildfire was a premature one.

Pre built packages for the Efika

There is now a PORTAGE_BINHOST for the EFIKA, just add:
to your /etc/make.conf and start using it. This repository will contain the system and some extra packages built with:
CFLAGS="-O2 -mcpu=603e -pipe"

Remember that in order to use these packages you have to do emerge -g or emerge -G.