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Do you like music in the morning?

I am a bit tired of waking up the the marimba sounds from my iPhone. I wanted to play some calm music to help me get started. So I went to see if I could setup a music or playlist like in the old iPods. You cant. You can only play sounds that are ring tones. And the reader says:

-Well…. It seems stupid to play ring tones but not to play a song…. So how do you go around getting a ringtone from a music you have?

Well that is the funny part. If you bought the music from iTunes store Apple is generous enough to charge you another 99 cents for the permission to create the ringtone.

What if you have the music because you:
1- Bought it from another online store
2- Bought the CD and made a lawful copy to your computer

Apple just tells you you cannot do it. Either re-rebuy the music or move along.

I know you can get another software that will strip a peace of the music to amr, and then send that file to the iPhone and “shazam” a free ringtone. But that is just STUPID!!

If I have a music I should be free to use it as a ringtone/wake up music. Who is Apple to pass judgement on what I have on MY system?

@jpedroso: You see why I may like Apple’s products but have very little respect for it as a company?