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Byword a Typewriter on the Mac

I normally don’t do reports/reviews on applications. But the new byword application for the Mac is really really interesting.

At first glance of the features one would think that byword is just another simple text/rtf editor. But it comes with a twist. And what a twist it is……… The twist is that it takes minimalistic to a all new level. There are no menus with advanced formating and edition modes.

You just have a blank white page and you work with the keyboard. You do not need to use your mouse. You just type and type.

There are some visualization modes where it will even “hide” the previous written lines and paragraphs. In this mode the application really works as an old typewriter. It was an amazing experience to have blank page and write and write.

Also. If you try this application play with the “Increase/Decrease Selection at Caret”, I’m not saying the shortcuts as they may change between the language you have in MacOS.

Finally. This App was done by my cool friends at metaclassy.

Portugal. That wealthy Country

A few months ago I reported on one of those cases where products were more expensive in Portugal than in other places.

Now I have to report on another case. The iPhone 4.
I compared the prices for the same operator (Vodafone) in Portugal and UK.
If you choose to go for a 24 Month plan and the iPhone 4 – 16GB the cheapest option in Portugal is the Best 500. And that will cost you 229.90+(67,75*24) and will give a grand total of 1855.9€ over a period of two years.
In the meantime in the UK you can choose the 600 minutes plan. And there you pay: 145.6+(42.82*24) and the grand total is 1173.28€

Not considering that the UK plan is much better in terms of minutes and data.

If we consider the minimum wages in the two countries( 470€/month for Portugal and 1136€/month for the UK wikipedia) can someone explain why are goods that have to imported to the EU space cheaper in the UK?

[Note]: The numbers for the UK were converted at todays conversion rate of 1.00 GBP = 1.22349 EUR


The other day I was talking to my friend Bruno about spending money in things that for some reason made no sense to the other.

The talk eventually evolved and it became really philosophical revolving around the meaning of life. We both agree that all organized religions revolve around the basic idea that there is an after life, and use that to gather followers. The problem is that both of us have a similar view on the afterlife: Not gonna happen!

We both agree that it sucks to live our life with all the things we have to endure and then: Puff. So the basic question was: Why do we get up in the morning?

There are actually thousands of perfectly good reasons to get up in the morning with no need to have religion involved (me and he are not religious and we get out of the bed every morning 🙂 ). But just for the fun we shared a few of the reasons. Untill I told him:

Dude, but nothing beats being a father to get you out of bed in the morning.

Obvious jokes apart about getting out of bed in the morning, fatherhood is the single most effective event to make you look at the world in a new perspective.

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Trabalhadores Estudantes

Por mero acaso soube hoje que na Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade de Coimbra existem regras deveras curiosas para a inscrição nas turmas. Nestas regras a inscrição é primeiro para os alunos “normais” e depois para os alunos que sejam trabalhadores estudantes. Isto é claramente uma violação do artigo 20 dos estatutos da Universidade de Coimbra. Nesse artigo está estipulado que os trabalhadores estudantes têm direito a disposições especiais definidos pelo senado. Eu não consigo acreditar que o Senado fosse decretar uma medida de tal forma prejudicial para os trabalhadores estudantes.

Do you like music in the morning?

I am a bit tired of waking up the the marimba sounds from my iPhone. I wanted to play some calm music to help me get started. So I went to see if I could setup a music or playlist like in the old iPods. You cant. You can only play sounds that are ring tones. And the reader says:

-Well…. It seems stupid to play ring tones but not to play a song…. So how do you go around getting a ringtone from a music you have?

Well that is the funny part. If you bought the music from iTunes store Apple is generous enough to charge you another 99 cents for the permission to create the ringtone.

What if you have the music because you:
1- Bought it from another online store
2- Bought the CD and made a lawful copy to your computer

Apple just tells you you cannot do it. Either re-rebuy the music or move along.

I know you can get another software that will strip a peace of the music to amr, and then send that file to the iPhone and “shazam” a free ringtone. But that is just STUPID!!

If I have a music I should be free to use it as a ringtone/wake up music. Who is Apple to pass judgement on what I have on MY system?

@jpedroso: You see why I may like Apple’s products but have very little respect for it as a company?

Timetracker in Linux

The very nice Timetracker application now runs at some 90% under Linux.

The software is a dotNet application that runs in Mono. Under ubuntu (Jaunty 9.04) you need the core that is probably already installed and:

sudo apt-get install libmono-microsoft-visualbasic8.0-cil libmono-winforms2.0-cil

The only annoyance right now is that the software is distributed as a .exe file that cannot be run in Mono. You have to either install the software in a Windows machine and then copy the installation directory to your Linux machine, or use Wine to run the Installer.

Darn Country

I really like to live in Portugal. But sometimes I get really pissed of. All statistics say that we have some of the lowest wages in the EU. But in the shops everything has the same price as in the rest of Europe. And sometimes it costs more. Today at the local FNAC store I was looking at some Fatman products. After some searching I could find a UK store that sells at HALF the price the Portuguese reseler does.

How can our economy go anywhere when we have to pay more than the ones that have more?

Dia da Criança


Hoje é dia da criança. Um dia criado para que nós os grandes nos lembremos dos mais pequeninos. Como se fosse preciso um dia! Deveria ser nossa preocupação todos os dias os mais pequenos de entre nós. São vocês o futuro do mundo.

Hoje quando passei no teu berço dormias. Estava ali a ver-te há uns segundos quando abriste os olhos e olhaste para mim. Não sei se foi só a fominha a apertar ou se te estavas a sentir observada. Sorri para ti e tu devolveste o sorriso. Obrigado filha.

Bom dia Laurinha. Bom dia meu doce. Bom dia meu amor.

Oracle buys SUN

Oracle bought Sun.

The question in most of the Free Software advocates right now is what will happen to Suns Free Software products:
1- MySQL
2- OpenOffice
3- Netbeans
4- ……

Although MySQL seems the first candidate to die I guess this is one of the products with the best chance to survive*. Databases is the core business for Oracle so they will probably keep the product and in time make it more Oracle friendly. So that users that develop for MySQL can easily migrate to Oracle when requirements increase.
Right now Oracle has the Oracle Express Edition but installation is sometimes complex and the limitations to the CPU/Memory/Disk Space make some developers run away. PostgreSQL is very good, but does not have the momentum. So MySQL is not a brand that any company wants to kill.

* – The Free Software products always have a chance to survive if the “Mother Company” kills them. The community can always pick the product and develop it. That is one of the base ideas that made Stallman create the concept. But it is always easier for a product to survive if there is a cash flow of some sort.