Byword a Typewriter on the Mac

I normally don’t do reports/reviews on applications. But the new byword application for the Mac is really really interesting.

At first glance of the features one would think that byword is just another simple text/rtf editor. But it comes with a twist. And what a twist it is……… The twist is that it takes minimalistic to a all new level. There are no menus with advanced formating and edition modes.

You just have a blank white page and you work with the keyboard. You do not need to use your mouse. You just type and type.

There are some visualization modes where it will even “hide” the previous written lines and paragraphs. In this mode the application really works as an old typewriter. It was an amazing experience to have blank page and write and write.

Also. If you try this application play with the “Increase/Decrease Selection at Caret”, I’m not saying the shortcuts as they may change between the language you have in MacOS.

Finally. This App was done by my cool friends at metaclassy.