Portugal. That wealthy Country

A few months ago I reported on one of those cases where products were more expensive in Portugal than in other places.

Now I have to report on another case. The iPhone 4.
I compared the prices for the same operator (Vodafone) in Portugal and UK.
If you choose to go for a 24 Month plan and the iPhone 4 – 16GB the cheapest option in Portugal is the Best 500. And that will cost you 229.90+(67,75*24) and will give a grand total of 1855.9€ over a period of two years.
In the meantime in the UK you can choose the 600 minutes plan. And there you pay: 145.6+(42.82*24) and the grand total is 1173.28€

Not considering that the UK plan is much better in terms of minutes and data.

If we consider the minimum wages in the two countries( 470€/month for Portugal and 1136€/month for the UK wikipedia) can someone explain why are goods that have to imported to the EU space cheaper in the UK?

[Note]: The numbers for the UK were converted at todays conversion rate of 1.00 GBP = 1.22349 EUR