Why I blog less

Today I was playing with a plugin/theme for wordpress that allows for mobile browsers to view the site with a simpler look when I started thinking:
“Why am I loosing time with this when I just post some 20-30 times a year?”
And that took me to my second tought:
“Why do I blog so little? I used to blog 4 to 5 times more.”

It’s not the twitter effect. I just use twitter for light stuff. It has to be something else. I guess it’s the pressure of the post. When you blog you have to open yourself. You have to open your ideas to others, and have to open for critics.

I have been looking at the Archives that date back to 2003 and found many occasions where we get rude and offensive reply’s. I guess many bloggers are just getting tired of being abused on their own house.

This does not mean that I’ll blog more or less from now on. It’s just a thought I had.