Oracle buys SUN

Oracle bought Sun.

The question in most of the Free Software advocates right now is what will happen to Suns Free Software products:
1- MySQL
2- OpenOffice
3- Netbeans
4- ……

Although MySQL seems the first candidate to die I guess this is one of the products with the best chance to survive*. Databases is the core business for Oracle so they will probably keep the product and in time make it more Oracle friendly. So that users that develop for MySQL can easily migrate to Oracle when requirements increase.
Right now Oracle has the Oracle Express Edition but installation is sometimes complex and the limitations to the CPU/Memory/Disk Space make some developers run away. PostgreSQL is very good, but does not have the momentum. So MySQL is not a brand that any company wants to kill.

* – The Free Software products always have a chance to survive if the “Mother Company” kills them. The community can always pick the product and develop it. That is one of the base ideas that made Stallman create the concept. But it is always easier for a product to survive if there is a cash flow of some sort.