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Passive Versus Active Investment in Hedge Funds

In 1972, the eserve Fundwas established as the first money market fund, enabling investors to invest cash balances in an efficient and effective manner. Fidelity and Scudder, Stevens and Clark were also putting the final touches on their own funds and quickly revolutionised the mutual
replica ray bans fund world. The first index fund was created for Samsonite pension fund, which equally weighted all equities on the New York Stock Exchange. What few people know is that this product was abandoned in
discount ray bans 1976 and replaced with a market weighted strategy using the S 500.

In 1971, Dean LeBaron, founder of Batterymarch, independently pursued the idea of index investing, but it was not until 1974 that the firm attracted its first index client. Rogers, Casey and Barksdale, a pension consulting firm that embraced Batterymarch omputer drivenactive management style at an early stage and later, its indexed products.

Indexing created an industry debate as the investment management businesses were built on the premise that active managers can beat market benchmarks. However, many consultants were wary of this claim, as the majority of active managers failed to consistently beat their benchmarks. Rogers, Casey and Barksdale came to the conclusion that it should focus a large
cheap ray bans part of its pension clientsassets in passive index matching programmes while allocating the remainder of the assets to extremely talented active managers who had a distinct edge in their management style. The latter usually came in the form of newer and smaller independent firms rather than the large banks or insurance companies, which had previously dominated pension fund management.

In 1984, Tremont Partners (later Tremont Capital Management) was formed as a pension consulting company. Luckily, one of its first clients was a high net worth individual. At that time no pension fund could invest in hedge funds as performance fees were prohibited, but this initial investor allowed the opportunity to visit with the famous hedge fund managers of the 1980s. The results of Tremont research hooked the firm on hedge funds and it became the first consulting firm to explore investing in hedge funds.

In 1998, Tremont acquired the distributable Tass hedge fund database and combined it with its own propriety database, resulting in a large, robust hedge fund database. Tremont then joint ventured with Credit Suisse/First Boston to create one of the first benchmarks for the hedge fund industry, and foresaw the opportunity to create passive products. Tremont wished to remain an active manager, while Credit Suisse embraced the passive approach and launched the investable index products.

While many of the hedge fund indices that have been created do not disclose their methodology, let us first examine the two most predominant differences: equally weighted versus market capitalisation weighted. Market cap indices are useful in determining how the hedge fund community has performed, but equally weighted indices are the only practical benchmarks for comparing the performance of a hedge fund manager against the entire universe and a relative peer group. These indices also allow investors to determine if their choice of strategies is appropriate. However, there should be a size cut off in each index, so as not to give equal weight to a manager with a very small asset size, which would not be appropriate for the average investor. The size cut off for broad based indices would be more lenient than some strategies such as emerging markets, where the average hedge fund is in the US$100 million range, as opposed to more broad based strategies such as fixed income, distressed debt and multi strategy where larger assets bases ( over US$500 million) are the norm.

There is no reason not to create indices of the largest 500 or 3,000 hedge fund managers, similar to the S and the Russell 3000, but the ability to match these benchmarks becomes problematic. It is relatively easy to create an index, but it is quite another issue to replicate it for investment. Managers may be closed to new business, or have long lock ups, which may not coincide with the liquidity of the index tracking.

The inability of the industry to reconstruct the broad based published indices in a practical product resulted in a brand new industry term: the investable index. The investable index is a new benchmark introduced by product producers that is supposed to be a realistic index of funds accessible for investment. Unfortunately, many of these so called benchmarks are simply the products that were created, and are not closely correlated to the broader indices they were created to track. This is best illustrated in the table below.

Analysis of Investable Hedge Fund Index Products and their Correlations to the Broader IndexThere are a number of ndicesthat are really just funds of funds. They are called indices because they may comprised 100 managers and thus, be concluded as constituting an index, or they may be a group of funds that have agreed to run a separate account for the index manager. These inconsistencies lead to the question of whether there can be an adequate index for the hedge fund community.

Unfortunately, there is no requirement that hedge funds report returns to databases. Thus the first problem with the universe of hedge funds is that many good and bad managers do not report. However, the number of managers and the size of the reported universe should create a representative sample. Therefore, indices with a large sample of managers are relevant. Unfortunately, an increasing number of managers are reluctant to report to the ever growing number of universes. They may pick one or two, but not all. Second, the US SEC regulations have led to many management companies precluding US investors from their investor base. As such, they will not report to US databases as they do not want solicitations from US investors. Consequently, indices created outside the US databases may gain an advantage over their US counterparts.

It is rare that a closed fund is closed forever. Funds go through periods when they may close, only to reopen at a later time. However, successful funds that reopen are usually available to existing investors, not new investors. Therefore many non investable funds become investable.

At MAXAM, we predict that passive investing in hedge funds will become a highly acceptable approach to gain access to large groups of diversified hedge funds. If comprised correctly, these index funds will be difficult for the active fund manager to beat. The sheer size of the hedge fund community (estimated at over 15,000 funds and growing) makes it difficult for any firm to effectively monitor the entire universe. The growth of managers in different geographies also makes it very expensive for consultants, financial planners or providers of fund of funds to cover all the bases. As many of the fund of funds firms become extremely large, they need only to focus on larger funds to maintain capacity across all their client accounts.

At MAXAM, we created index products that make sense and are representative. We have identified the Eurekahedge database for emerging markets, Asia and Japan as being the most representative database, with more than 2,700 funds measured. Moreover, Eurekahedge location in Singapore offers an ideal time zone for Asian fund managers, one of the fastest growing components of hedge funds. Further, it is our belief that the emerging markets will give investors the most upside potential over the next decade. Eurekahedge publishes its indices on a monthly basis. It is our job at MAXAM to replicate these
fake ray bans indices.

Like Bill Fouse, we have worked with computer models to determine how we can replicate these published indices. In the three geographical regions Asia, Japan and the emerging markets the majority of the funds are open and 85% continue to offer monthly or quarterly liquidity. Just as one does not have to buy all 500 stocks of the S to replicate the index, we do not have to buy all 600 funds in the universe. We have found, on a back tested basis, that we are able to replicate the index with 50 of the largest funds that pass our due diligence. Every month, we determine our tracking error and analyse the geographical and strategy allocations, then make adjustments accordingly. If a fund closes, we keep it in the index and add to the position when it reopens. Each month, we work with all the data to minimise our tracking error.

So far, the indices have been difficult to beat.

Reliance on Third Parties : Information presented herein have been obtained or derived from sources believed by MAXAM to be reliable, but MAXAM makes no representation as to their accuracy or completeness and accepts no liability for loss arising from the use of the material presented in this presentation unless such liability arises under specific statutes or regulations. This presentation is not to be relied upon in substitution for the exercise of independent judgment. MAXAM may have issued other presentations that are inconsistent with, and reach different conclusions from, the information presented in this presentation. Those presentations reflect the different assumptions, views and analytical methods of the analysts who prepared them.

No Solicitation : No information provided herein shall constitute, or be construed as, an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to acquire any security, investment product or service, nor shall any such security, product or service be offered or sold in any jurisdiction where such offer or solicitation is prohibited by law or regulation. The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only.Articles Connexes:

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point kick in NFL may change for 2015 season

While team owners didn’t vote on any extra point proposals Wednesday, there was so much discussion and interest
discount ray bans in potential changes
cheap ray bans that the issue will be a main focal point for the next set of league meetings in May.

Among the possibilities are moving the line of scrimmage back for PAT kicks; placing the ball on the 1 1/2 yard line for a 2 point conversion; eliminating the PAT kicks entirely, requiring teams to run a play from scrimmage; and allowing the defense to score, as in college football, if the ball is turned over on a 2 point try.

McKay described the discussions as with lots of ideas . it’s time to make this a football play. couple coaches said they favor just lining up on the 2 and going for the 2 point play, he said. move the ball to the 1 1 2 for two points, or kick from the 15 for one, your choice. league experimented with extra point kicks from a longer distance last preseason.

Currently, the line of scrimmage for both an extra point and 2 point conversion try is the 2 yard line.

Voted down as the meetings concluded was Chicago’s proposal that each team get a possession in overtime regardless of what happens on the first series.

Now, if the side receiving the OT kickoff scores a touchdown, the game ends. If it kicks a field goal, the opponent gets a possession.

Unsportsmanlike penalties handed out at the end of a half now will carry over, either to the second half or to overtime.

Lining up players with eligible numbers at ineligible positions, as New England did against Baltimore in the playoffs, now has more specific guidelines. Those players must line up inside the tackle box.

The owners also approved teams with retractable domes being allowed to open them at halftime, weather permitting, and allowing linebackers to wear numbers from 40 49; previously they could wear only numbers in the 50s and 90s.

Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke
discount ray bans briefly about two high profile personal conduct cases in which both players, Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson, remain on the exempt list.

Goodell said the league continues to review Hardy’s case to determine if discipline is warranted. Hardy signed earlier this month with Dallas.

Goodell said the date for Adrian Peterson’s suspension to end remains April 15. Goodell noted the league to succeed long term in LA, so now the focus is on the process and also understanding what it takes to be successful in the LA market. report on all three teams interested in moving there the Rams, Chargers and Raiders is expected in late April, and Goodell said the owners then would discuss it in San Francisco.

Expansion of the playoffs by two teams was discussed, but won’t be happening for a while. Goodell mentioned scheduling issues as well as competitive questions for such delays.

Ted Wells’ investigation into the deflated footballs in the AFC championship game is ongoing, with no timetable on its conclusion.

Texting during a game by Browns general manager Ray Farmer is still being investigated to see if any league rules were broken.

Earlier in the week, of the 13 video replay
cheap ray ban outlet alterations proposed, including extending the number of coaches’ challenges and letting them challenge all officiating calls, the only one passed will allow game officials to use replay for clock issues at the end of a half, game or overtime if more than 1 second remains.

Five player safety rule changes were made, the most notable allowing a medical adviser to stop a game if he believes a player is disoriented, having the player removed from the field and examined on the sideline or in the locker room.Articles Connexes:

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Early Halloween for Jacko and Child

To put this scene in context (which I’m sure will make it much more understandable to outfit one’s child in a fetishy mask) Jacko and his three kids Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II (aka "Blanket") are pictured browsing a Los Angeles comic book store on Thursday. According to the photographer, the kids entered the store wearing the masks, but took them off while shopping. Other pix in the series (which we couldn’t afford to buy) show Paris and the boys sans masks and one with Blanket sporting what appears to be a rubber Barack Obama mask.

All of which raises some (probably unanswerable) questions: What is life like in the Jackson household typical household or neverending sleepover? What effects can long term mask and veil wearing have on growing self images (not to mention skin)? And do these kids have any chance at all of growing up to be happy, well adjusted adults?

I hate to admit this, but even with her kooky daddy, Suri will probably grow up to be the most normal out of that bunch. The
discount ray bans only saving grace for the Spears’ kids is that they are young and won’t remember their mother’s break down last year. Not saying Brangelina are bad parents, but being dragged from country to country every few days can’t be good for providing stability. Of course I voted for Michael Jackson, that dude is nuts. (The very best american made pickups as 16th b day presents, for example.)

Brangelina’s kids have a pretty good shot. They wear hand me downs (less entitlement than other rich kids) and eat junk food. The constant moving around will make them different from
cheap ray bans my kids, but it probably won’t destroy them.

MJ’s kids. yeesh. We know so little about their lives that it’s hard to say, but growing up with an egomanical germ phobe paranoid with body issues has got to be in the minus column, for raising happy productive kids. I just can’t quite place who it belongs to. which makes it seem a little less out of place since they went into a comic book store. hmmm, as if.

y’know, I just can’t imagine that they have normal family time at neverland ranch. jacko himself never learned to grow up, so I can’t imagine that leads to much of a structured environment for his kids.

If any "normal" parent had done the things MJ has done to his kids, CPS would’ve taken them away so fast their heads would
replica ray ban sunglasses still be spinning a week later. I know he looks generally freakish now and has white skin, but he certainly was not born that way. Kids don’t inherit your artificial skin color and features. Wouldn’t they in some way resemble the old Michael? I know that the mother was caucasian, but really. No chance those kids share his DNA. No chance.

No one knows a darn thing about these children’s lives. The fact that YOU (aka the media, the public, the damn srutinizers) only ever see these kids wearing masks doesn’t mean that they don’t ever go out without them. For all we know they could be out every day having fun with their nanny or friends or someone they won’t be recognized with.

I’m just sad to see how mean people can be towards individuals they don’t know jack about. I guess I just
discount ray bans shouldn’t wander in the gouhlish tabloid world.

As for that vote, it’s downright stupid, I don’t know any of these kids or their parents, I’m in no position to be so judgemental. But if that’s the game you want to play, fine: I’ll say Jackson’s kids will probably turn out to be the most normal, humble, kind and level headed of the lot. There. I mean, yes the masks are drastic in effort to hide MJ’s kids from the paps. but then think about it. At least he’s not pulling a Denise Richards and throwing her kids into a reality TV show. Or better still that MJ’s not flaunting his kids to the paps which I think really does screw up a kids life. Where being a guy like him ( as strange as he seems to be) is SOO famous that no matter where he goes (like a comic book store for example!) he has the media following him. Have u guys seen what happens when this guy intentionally steps out? People go crazy! They scream, they cry, the shove things in his direction to sign, they FOLLOW HIM for miles, I mean this guy gets absolutely no peace.

I think that since we don’t see them all the time that it’s a little proof that perhaps Michael isn’t insane but maybe he is a good parent, actually CONSIDERING his kids as more than just a good media tool.Articles Connexes:

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Stampeders DE Shawn Lemon heading south to sign with Pittsburgh Steelers

For the second year in a row, the Calgary Stampeders will be looking to replace a playmaker on defence.

Defensive end Shawn Lemon, who produced 13 sacks and tied the CFL record and set a new franchise mark with eight forced fumbles last season, will be released by the
cheap Michael Kors outlet Stampeders in order to sign an NFL deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, sources say.

Playing the same spot in 2013, Cordarro Law parlayed a 14 sack season into a deal with the San Diego Chargers last winter, spending the majority of the season on the practice squad.

While Lemon career in Calgary took
Michael kors handbags outlet some time to take off, after he was signed off the scrap heap in 2013 when the Edmonton Eskimos gave up on him just prior to training camp, the 6 foot 2, 251 pounder became a force in 2014.

The Maryland native started the season with one sack in his first five games, but was as dominant as it gets in the next 13 games, with 12 sacks.

In the final seven games of the season, including playoffs, the former Akron Zip had eight sacks, all with bookend pass rusher Charleston Hughes watching from the sideline.

Lemon also made three huge plays a batted pass, a pressure off the edge and a game sealing sack in
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet the 20 16
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet Grey Cup win over the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Freddie Bishop III, Frank Beltre and possibly versatile tackle/end DeQuin Evans would be in the mix to replace Lemon if the Stampeders don make a move in free.

For the second year in a row, the Calgary Stampeders will be looking to replace a playmaker on defence.

cheap michael kors end Shawn Lemon, who produced 13 sacks and tied the CFL record and set a new franchise mark with eight forced fumbles last season, will be released by the Stampeders in order to sign an NFL deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, sources say.

Playing the same spot in 2013, Cordarro Law parlayed a 14 sack season into a deal with the San Diego Chargers last winter, spending the majority of the season on the practice squad.

While Lemon career in Calgary took some time to take off, after he was signed off the scrap heap in 2013 when the Edmonton Eskimos gave up on him just prior to training camp, the 6 foot 2, 251 pounder became a force in 2014.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Clavicle Fracture

Hot TopicsStress
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet Coping CenterWriting a PaperAbusive RelationshipsDynamic StretchingA Guy’s Guide to Body ImageWhat’s in this article?What Is a ?What Causes a ?What Are the Symptoms?What Should You Do?How Can You Prevent a ?How Are s Treated?SurgeryAaron lost his balance while snowboarding and started to fall forward. He put out his arms to break his fall and came down hard on his right arm. He felt a sharp pain near his right shoulder and knew immediately that he’d injured something. His friend got the ski patrol, and they strapped Aaron into a sled and brought him down the mountain to a medical clinic.The doctor at the clinic took a look at the area near Aaron’s shoulder, which was already swollen and bruised, and told Aaron that he had most likely fractured his clavicle (collarbone). Aaron was sent to the hospital, where X rays confirmed the doctor’s diagnosis.A clavicle fracture, also known as a broken collarbone, is one of the most common types of broken bones. Most clavicle fractures happen when someone falls onto a shoulder or outstretched hand, putting enough pressure on the clavicle to make it fracture or snap.Most clavicle fractures heal on their own if the arm is properly immobilized in a sling and the injury is treated with ice and physical therapy. Sometimes, though, a clavicle injury may need surgery when it gets displaced or the break is particularly severe.What Causes a ?Clavicle fractures are common in contact sports
cheap Michael Kors like football, wrestling, rugby, lacrosse, and hockey. They also often happen in sports where there is a chance of falling hard, such as biking, skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. A clavicle also can fracture
cheap Michael Kors if the bone is hit directly, as in a car collision or other accident.Clavicle fractures happen in three situations where stress is enough to break the bone:a person suffers a blow to the shouldersomeone falls onto an outstretched armthe clavicle is hit directly (as in a collision)A person’s age plays a
cheap michael kors role in
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet clavicle fractures: When we’re young, our bones are still growing and are more susceptible to injury. Collarbones typically don’t harden completely until a person is about 20 years old. That puts people younger than 20 at greater risk of a fracture.If you think you’ve fractured your collarbone, you’ll want to see a doctor. Your doctor will first ask questions about how the injury happened and what symptoms you’re feeling. The doctor will examine your shoulder and may press gently on your clavicle to see if it is tender. This will also help the doctor find out where the fracture is and make sure no nerves or blood vessels are damaged. This part of the exam also might include checking the feeling and strength in your arm, hand, and fingers.If the doctor thinks you have a broken collarbone, he or she will order X rays of your shoulder and the affected area. X rays will help the doctor pinpoint the location of the break and decide how severe it is. X rays also let doctors see if other bones are broken.If
replica Michael Kors handbags other bones are broken or if the doctor needs to see the fracture in greater detail, he or she
fake Michael Kors may ask you to get a computerized tomography (CT) scan.How Can You Prevent a ?Because clavicle fractures happen suddenly and unexpectedly, it can be hard to prevent them. But you can take a few precautions to decrease your risk:When participating in contact sports, wear all the recommended protective gear and learn the proper techniques for
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet your sport. Knowing the right way to play decreases the chances of an awkward fall or unexpected blow.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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help end Cleveland’s sports misery

May 20, 2015; Atlanta; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) dribbles during the fourth quarter of Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals at Philips Arena. Cleveland won 97 89.(Photo: Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports)

At least the Valley has 2001.

At least it has the memory of Joe Buck saying, "The chance of a lifetime for Luis Gonzalez,"
replica Michael Kors outlet of the player’s World Series winning bloop single, of then Diamondbacks manager Bob Brenly jumping like a madman across the field.

At least it has that.

What does Cleveland have? Fifty plus years of title envy.

Please, LeBron James. Put this team on your muscular back and end the city’s misery.

It deserves it.

"It’s is a really special place," said Cleveland general manager David Griffin, a Phoenix native who spent 17 years with the Suns. "The fans have an unbelievable passion. Census. That was 1964, when the Browns won the NFL title, pre Super Bowl.

Winning one is about more than civic pride. It’s about shared
cheap Michael Kors outlet experiences and lifetime memories. The impact on a community is powerful but its effect on individuals profound.

It is the learned lesson of perseverance. The intimate connection between
cheap michael kors parent and child. The joy of reliving a moment.

If that sounds like an overstatement, just ask Gonzalez how often people bring up the World Series.

It’s not just the title drought that defines Cleveland. It’s the failures that are delivered amplified.

Remember 1987, when Denver quarterback John Elway engineered "The Drive" that 98 yard, five minute and two second momentum swing that forced overtime and resulted in a Broncos victory? That was against the Browns. In Cleveland.

Remember 1989, when Michael Jordan made "The Shot," a jumper from the free throw line over Craig Ehlo just before the buzzer that gave the Bulls a 101 100 victory in Game 5 of the NBA playoffs’ first round? That was against the Cavaliers. In Cleveland.

The city doesn’t even do curses right.

The Chicago Cubs’ curse is downright folklore, apparently beginning in 1945 when Billy Sianis, owner of the popular Billy Goat Tavern, was asked to leave a World
Michael kors handbags outlet Series game at Wrigley Field because his pet goat’s odor was annoying fans.

And for many years, the Boston Red Sox could point to the Curse of the Bambino, which many believe started when owner Harry Frazee, who needed money to finance his girlfriend’s play, sold Babe Ruth’s contract to the New York Yankees for $100,000.

The Yankees were wildly successful after that. The Red Sox? They went without a World Series from 1918 to 2004.

Related: Cavaliers sweep Hawks as LeBron James reaches fifth consecutive NBA Finals

The city of Cleveland is considered "cursed" by many but with no real explanation. The Indians’
replica Michael Kors handbags offensive logo, Chief Wahoo,
michael kors handbags outlet has been blamed by some, but the city’s sports teams were title poor even before
cheap Michael Kors many considered it controversial.

This poor city. Its "come close" moments makes things all the more painful. The Cavaliers were swept in the 2007 NBA Finals. The Indians lost the 1995 and 1997 World Series.

Many playoff game disasters have happened, too, like the one in 2003 when the Browns, whose offensive coordinator happened to be Bruce Arians, blew leads of 24 7 and 33 21 to lose by three to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"There’s nothing sweeter than when somebody sticks a knife in your back and you pull it out and stick it in theirs," then Steelers defensive end Kimo von Oelhoffen told reporters
replica Michael Kors outlet after the game.

Photos from the NBA Eastern Conference finals:

Even the quotes are dark and evil.

And how about the humiliating moments, like when then Browns owner Art Modell decided to move his team from Cleveland to Baltimore before the 1996 season?Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Smart Women Know When to Let Go

November 10, 2008 By Joy Chudacoff Leave a Comment

Every day as I leave my house, I am drawn to a large tree across the street, with beautiful branches and leaves. For awhile now, it has been shedding its leaves. Yesterday I noticed for the first time that all of the leaves have fallen off, leaving the tree bare. Nature has a way of making room for new growth.

Our family is preparing for a big transition this week. We are moving from a house
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale that we have lived in for 10 years. Its the home where my husband Greg and I began our life together in marriage. Its the only home our children, Jack and Jenna have ever known, so it holds a lot of memories that are valuable to us. It also holds a lot of other things! Things we have accumulated over the years that are not part of where we are going. We have a lot of possessions that are no longer a for us. I am finding it hard to let go. It can be challenging knowing what to keep and what to let go of. Im not alone in this dilemma it seems. I read recently that the storage unit business is soaring as people accumulate more than they have space for and they cannot bring themselves to let go.

Letting go
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses means saying goodbye. It could be moving, leaving a relationship, transitioning from one career to another, losing a loved one or returning to the workforce. Letting go of anything that has held value to you over the years is difficult. It can be so difficult that sometimes we stay exactly where we are dont make the move, or leave the relationship, or begin a new journey to realize a big idea. We begin to rationalize why we dont need to make changes. You say to yourself not so bad. was I thinking? Change is challenging. Transitions can be tough. You
oakley sunglasses replica need to make sure that you have
replica oakleys the right support system around you during times of transition. (Thanks Deb!) Someone that knows how much this change means to you and can support you in letting go, so you can move on to the next phase of your journey.

How about you? Are you holding on to an old way of being? Are you staying where you are because its comfortable? Are you in a career or relationship that feels like its not a good fit for you? I had a very wise mentor tell me once that in order to grow you have to get in life. Well I can tell you that Im uncomfortable! This has been a challenging few weeks for me! Have you been thinking about a big idea or a dream or goal that you would like to accomplish? For you to realize whats next for you, you need to create the space for this to happen. You
cheap oakley sunglasses need to go of some things in your life in order to realize a new way to live, a new way to be. In my Womens Success Circles, we create a very open environment where women can let go of whats not working and take on something new that will work as they move ahead in their journey.

cheap fake oakleys is just around the corner. Its a great time to go of what is not working for you right now
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses in your life and make room for whats next. I invite you to take a look around. Is everything still a fit for you? Is there something that you could go of in order to realize a dream, big idea, or goal?

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

fake cheap oakleys long as you include this complete blurb with it: Joy Chudacoff is the founder of Smart Women Smart Solutions, a Certified Professional Coach and Motivational Speaker. Read our full Terms of Service.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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up File Is The Best Friend To Your Day Planner

It’s important to schedule time in your day planner appointments with yourself to work on the important tasks that must be done. But it’s equally important to have any reference material, instructions or guidelines handy when you are ready to do the actual work.

Whenever you schedule time in your day planner to work on a priority task, place any relevant paperwork in your follow up file so it is available when you need it. This also keeps your in basket and desk clear
replica oakleys of
cheap fake oakley sunglasses any paperwork.

Your follow up file can be a set of 12 hanging folders, one for each month, and 31 manila folders marked 1 through 31, representing the possible days of the month. There should be only one
oakley sunglasses discount set of these manila folders, placed in the current month’s hanging folder. (You may need a couple of additional unmarked hanging folders to house them comfortably.) The manila folders are transferred, a day at a time, to the next month’s hanging folder once the contents have been dealt with. This means you will always have 31 folders for future days as you continue to plan ahead.

When you schedule time in your day planner to work on a task, and there is material you will need to refer
cheap wholesale oakley sunglasses to when you do the work, include the note "See FF" as a reminder to check your follow up file at that time. In fact, don’t put anything in your follow
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale up file without first indicating that it is there. Let your day planner
oakleys sunglasses tell you when to look in your follow up file. The more details you include the better, but even a simple "See FF" will remind you that something has to be done that day. If there are electronic files that must be referenced, add a note in your planner accordingly. Don’t rely on your memory; let your planner be your memory
cheap fake oakley sunglasses system.

Your follow up file can be used for invoices
cheap replica oakleys to be paid, tickets for future events, greeting cards to be sent anything in paper format that must be used or acted upon in the future. Just remember to schedule enough time to actually do the task.

It is a simple matter to scan the pages of your planner if you want to find anything that is awaiting action in your follow up files.

Coordinated with your planner, which is your guide to the future, a follow up file will help keep your in basket empty, your desk organized, and your mind at ease.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Topics That Earn

Introduction to Topics that Earn

Including high CPC (cost per click) keywords in your writing can be extremely beneficial to making money and driving traffic to your posts. By using these types of keywords as a jumping off point for your articles and writing from a unique point of view (write something that hasn’t been done before!) you may be able to help bring more traffic to your posts.

(This tool show you how many searches are done for keywords per month and what type of competition they face. If you
oakley sunglasses discount have a general idea of what you want to write about, this tool can help you refine your keywords)

(This tool shows how
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses often a particular search term is entered over time. This can help you to see what
cheap fake oakleys keywords/topics are gaining popularity among searchers, indicating that you may want to write about them, or which topics are declining in popularity)

Some Topics Which You May Want to Consider Writing About

Class action lawsuits people frequently search for information about class action lawsuits, new laws that are being passes, recalls, and similar events.

How To articles. Consider writing these articles about anything that you think users may be looking for, from "How to make deviled eggs" to "How to Register
cheap replica oakleys to Vote" to "How to File My Taxes". Think about How To topics that relate to upcoming seasons, holidays, or events.

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Articles Connexes:

Byword a Typewriter on the Mac

I normally don’t do reports/reviews on applications. But the new byword application for the Mac is really really interesting.

At first glance of the features one would think that byword is just another simple text/rtf editor. But it comes with a twist. And what a twist it is……… The twist is that it takes minimalistic to a all new level. There are no menus with advanced formating and edition modes.

You just have a blank white page and you work with the keyboard. You do not need to use your mouse. You just type and type.

There are some visualization modes where it will even “hide” the previous written lines and paragraphs. In this mode the application really works as an old typewriter. It was an amazing experience to have blank page and write and write.

Also. If you try this application play with the “Increase/Decrease Selection at Caret”, I’m not saying the shortcuts as they may change between the language you have in MacOS.

Finally. This App was done by my cool friends at metaclassy.

Portugal. That wealthy Country

A few months ago I reported on one of those cases where products were more expensive in Portugal than in other places.

Now I have to report on another case. The iPhone 4.
I compared the prices for the same operator (Vodafone) in Portugal and UK.
If you choose to go for a 24 Month plan and the iPhone 4 – 16GB the cheapest option in Portugal is the Best 500. And that will cost you 229.90+(67,75*24) and will give a grand total of 1855.9€ over a period of two years.
In the meantime in the UK you can choose the 600 minutes plan. And there you pay: 145.6+(42.82*24) and the grand total is 1173.28€

Not considering that the UK plan is much better in terms of minutes and data.

If we consider the minimum wages in the two countries( 470€/month for Portugal and 1136€/month for the UK wikipedia) can someone explain why are goods that have to imported to the EU space cheaper in the UK?

[Note]: The numbers for the UK were converted at todays conversion rate of 1.00 GBP = 1.22349 EUR


The other day I was talking to my friend Bruno about spending money in things that for some reason made no sense to the other.

The talk eventually evolved and it became really philosophical revolving around the meaning of life. We both agree that all organized religions revolve around the basic idea that there is an after life, and use that to gather followers. The problem is that both of us have a similar view on the afterlife: Not gonna happen!

We both agree that it sucks to live our life with all the things we have to endure and then: Puff. So the basic question was: Why do we get up in the morning?

There are actually thousands of perfectly good reasons to get up in the morning with no need to have religion involved (me and he are not religious and we get out of the bed every morning :) ). But just for the fun we shared a few of the reasons. Untill I told him:

Dude, but nothing beats being a father to get you out of bed in the morning.

Obvious jokes apart about getting out of bed in the morning, fatherhood is the single most effective event to make you look at the world in a new perspective.

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